Among the Best Flea Treatment for Dogs - Applicator

No mere crush, this is dog and puppy love.

Your dog or puppy is a tiny bucket of love. With every step, every stumble, every
glance up at you with those eyes, you fall in love all over again. For everything
your best friend does for you, return the favor. Give him full protection from
fleas, so he can concentrate fully on making you love him even more. 


Protect the love.TM

Flea Control

This is the way to protect the love.

Dog and puppy lovers know. There's a bond here that grows stronger every day. You will happily go to any length to protect your best friend. That means using Vectra®. It's premier flea control, authorized for sale only by your veterinarian—the one who knows your dog or puppy better than anyone. Except you.


Stop Parasites Now

The love keeps going. So does the flea control.

Dogs and puppies don't have time for fleas; they have adventures to get to.
So their parents want kill power that lasts. Vectra® starts working with the first
application, and keeps controlling fleas for 30 days. Don't settle for products
that can't keep fleas stopped for the long haul. Vectra® stays on the job.



Clean and easy protection. We took a patent out on it.

The patented Vectra® applicator is a hit with dog and puppy lovers and their veterinarians. Designed with their feedback, it is clean and easy to use. No drips, no mess, no need for scissors. The long, rounded tip helps you to easily and comfortably apply product directly to your dog or puppy's skin:

  • Elongated tip makes it easy to access dog's skin through hair coat
  • Rounded end minimizes skin abrasions
  • Contoured applicator is easy to hold, with no-drip, no-splash technology
  • Tested to endure accurate dosing
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Applying One of the Best Flea Treatment for Dogs

Veterinarian Exclusive

This protection comes from behind the counter, not over it.

At Ceva, we believe in the veterinarian-client-patient relationship. We think your dog benefits greatly from the expertise only a veterinary professional offers. That's why Vectra® is authorized for sale only from your veterinarian, who best knows the parasite pressures in your area.