If your cat has fleas, it may be bitten hundreds of times a day. Not only is this miserably uncomfortable, but fleas can make your pet sick.

Fleas can be responsible for different diseases, such as:

  • Flea Allergy Dermatitis
  • Tapeworms
  • Bacteria (ie. Rickettsiae)
  • Anaemia (in case of severe flea infestations)

Fleas can also bite humans, leaving inflamed and itchy spots. People, especially children can also become infected by tapeworms transmitted by fleas. So be vigilant! Fleas can multiply quickly, and a flea infestation in your home is no joke. It can take months for your home to be free of fleas. The best way to keep your home free of infestation is to treat your pet all year round.

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Keeping your cat, and your home, safe from fleas

If the temperature and humidity is right, fleas can be a year-round threat to your cat.
Cats are excellent groomers, and will often pick off and ingest the majority of visible fleas.
Your cat can be at risk even if they do not go outside as you could bring eggs into your home on your shoes or if you have a dog, they could transmit fleas to your cat.  A single cat can host 245 fleas (Kern et al., 1992). Fleas can ingest their body weight in blood every day (Dryden & Gaafar, 1991).

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