Everyone knows about mosquitoes but few people realise how dangerous they can be for their pet. In a single night, a dog can be bitten by mosquitoes over 80 times (Capelli G et al. 2013).

Sadly, one mosquito bite is enough to transmit heartworm (dirofilariosis). Heartworm disease is not present in the UK but if you travel with your pet to other countries it is important to protect them against mosquitoes.

(Capelli G, Frangipane di Regalbono A, Simonato G, Cassini R, Cazzin S, Cancrini G, Otranto D, Pietrobelli M. 2013. Risk of canine and human exposure to Dirofilaria immitis infected mosquitoes in endemic areas of Italy. Parasit Vectors; 6: 60)

Three steps to help prevent dog heartworm when you are abroad:

1.        Mosquitoes need only a small amount of water to breed. Make sure you remove standing or stagnant water from your property in gutters, buckets, and open containers. Also prevent flying insects from entering your house.

2.        Protect your dog from the outside, with a topical mosquito repellent. VECTRA 3D repels and kills mosquitoes.

3.        Ask your veterinarian for advice.

Protect your pet from the inside, with preventative treatments that ensure heartworm larvae die before they develop into adults.
Apply DOUBLE DEFENSETM: protect your dog from the outside against external parasites with VECTRA 3D and from the inside against pathogens with disease preventives. Like seatbelts and airbags in cars, both are necessary to provide the necessary protection.


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