Dogs are tick magnets and can be heavily infested. Some species of ticks (Ixodes) may transmit the bacteria that are responsible for Lyme disease (borreliosis). One single tick bite can be enough to infect a dog. Lyme disease can also be transmitted to humans by ticks. Dogs do not transmit Lyme disease to humans, ticks are the enemies to fight. Once the tick is attached on the skin, transmission can occur within less than 24 hours. It is therefore recommended to repel and remove ticks as soon as possible.

Remember ticks are tiny creatures and therefore easily missed. Regular tick checks are recommended for you and your pets after hiking in infested areas.

It can take weeks to months before your dog shows signs of Lyme disease.  Signs can look similar to many other diseases and can include lameness and lethargy.. Consult your veterinarian if your dog is not behaving as usual.

It is much easier to prevent Lyme disease than to diagnose and treat it.  

Three steps to prevent Lyme disease: 

1.  Use VECTRA 3D, an external parasiticide that repels and kills ticks before they attach and bite. 

2.  Avoid walks in a tick infested area and carefully check your dog after every walk.

3.  Ask your veterinarian for advice.

Risk factor

Small parasite Easy to miss

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Outdoor lifestyle during tick season

Walking in wooded areas

House next to wildlife area Suburban area

Other animals in the household

Endemic area

Tick activity Season

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