Babesiosis is a serious even fatal disease. Very early after a tick starts its blood meal on your dog, there is a risk of infection. As all outdoor-loving dog walkers know, dogs are true tick magnets! It is therefore important that you protect your dog and prevent ticks from biting.
Babesiosis is a parasitic disease caused by a parasite called Babesia.
Ticks pick up Babesia from infected animals and may pass it to a healthy dog through its blood stream during their next bite. Once inside, the tiny parasites attack and destroy the red blood cells, causing severe anaemia and complications, which can be fatal. Babesiosis is a major threat and is spreading.

It may vary from dog to dog but it generally takes a few days (about 5-10) after the infectious tick-bite before babesiosis becomes visible.
The first signs of babesiosis are generally a change in the mood of the dog: unusual laziness or unhappiness should make you looking more carefully at your furry friend. 
If you suspect babesiosis, do not wait and go to your veterinarian! The sooner a sick dog is under veterinary care, the better and the sooner he will recover.
Don’t forget to check your dog for ticks immediately after a walk in wooded areas or in high grass.
It is crucial to use a parasiticide product to kill ticks but also to repel them in order to avoid the bite.  


See the video to learn more about the disease

Ask your veterinarian for advices

Use a topical with immediate repellent effect.
Repel and kill ticks before they bite and may transmit parasites.

Reduce the exposure by avoiding highly tick infested areas walk for your dog.

Go faster than the infection by removing ticks from your dog at least daily.

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