dog mosquito bite

Only female mosquitoes feed on blood. They are mostly opportunistic and your dog is on the menu.

Bites from mosquitoes can also carry serious diseases, some being transmissible to humans.

Mosquitoes can transmit heartworm. This means that your dog should be protected with a veterinary approved mosquito repellent and a heartworm preventive medication targeting the immature heartworm larvae. Both are essential if spend time in or travel to a mosquito infested area.

VECTRA 3D repels mosquitoes on contact before they can bite.


More about mosquitoes – and how to stop them harming your dog’s health

Vectra 3D for dogs

Why your dog needs VECTRA 3D

VECTRA 3D repels mosquitoes that may transmit dirofilariosis.

VECTRA 3D kills and repels stable flies.

VECTRA 3D is effective within 24 hours after administration and protects for 1 month against mosquitoes and stable flies.

Remember that no product is 100% effective.

VECTRA 3D is available in Canada through licensed veterinarians.