Dogs are tick magnets and can be heavily infested. Some species of ticks (Ixodes, also known as the black-legged or deer tick) can transmit the bacteria responsible for Lyme disease (borreliosis). A single tick bite is enough to infect a dog. Lyme disease can also be transmitted to humans by ticks. Dogs do not transmit Lyme to humans. Once the tick is attached on the skin, transmission can occur within less than 24 hours. It is therefore recommended to apply monthly prevention and remove ticks as soon as possible.

Ticks can be tiny and are easily missed. Regular tick checks are recommended for you and your pets after hiking or playing in areas where ticks like to hang out (wooded areas, long grass, dried leaves, etc.). Ticks become active in the environment whenever the weather is above 4o C. They can even become active in the middle of the winter on a mild, sunny day!

It can take weeks or months before your dog shows non-specific symptoms of Lyme disease such as lameness and lethargy. Consult your veterinarian if your dogs is not behaving as usual.

It is much easier to prevent Lyme disease than to diagnose and treat. 

3 steps to prevent Lyme disease:

  1. Use VECTRA 3D, an external parasiticide that kills ticks before they bite. VECTRA 3D should be used year round to limit the risk. 
  2. Avoid walks in tick infested areas* and carefully check your dog and yourself after every outdoor activity.
  3. Consult your veterinarian to determine the best prevention strategy against Lyme disease for your dog.
*Ticks are becoming more and more common even in urban areas. If your dog spends time outside walking or playing in grass, they are at risk.

Risk factor

Mosquito endemic area

Travelling & outdoor activity in endemic areas

Outdoor lifestyle

Outdoor lifestyle

dog hunting


walking in wooded areas ticks

Walking or hiking in wooded areas

Urban area ticks

Living next to wildlife areas / suburban areas

Other animals tick risk factor

Other animals
In the household

VECTRA 3D is available in Canada through licensed veterinarians and select retailers.