Vectra 3D for large dogs

Why your dog needs VECTRA 3D

One bite is enough. 

Fleas, ticks, mosquitoes or biting flies can affect your dog as they can transmit dangerous pathogens in only one bite. 

VECTRA 3D is a fast-acting and broad-spectrum repellent.  

  • With our unique applicator, you protect your dog by easily reaching your dog’s skin.   
  • Parasites die when they come into contact with your pet, and before they can feed.
  • A single application lasts for 1 month.
  • VECTRA 3D is available in 3 dosing sizes to match your dog’s body weight.
  • Safe for puppies as young as 7 weeks and above 4.6 kg.
Remember that no product is 100% effective.

Applying VECTRA 3D is simple

Make your dog comfortable. Part your dog’s hair to make the skin visible. Place the applicator tip against the skin at the base of the tail and draw a straight line up your dog’s back, stopping between your dog’s shoulder blades.

Remember to squeeze the applicator tube until it’s empty.

(Once VECTRA 3D is applied, it is recommended to wait for the application site to dry before allowing the treated dog to come in contact with fabrics or furnishings. It is recommended to treat dogs in the evening, or before taking them for a walk. Children must not handle treated dogs for at least four hours after VECTRA 3D is applied to the dog. On the day of treatment, treated dogs should not be permitted to sleep with their owners, especially children.)

VECTRA 3D is available in Canada through licensed veterinarians.