Particularly active from dusk till dawn, sand flies are very tiny flying insects that can carry Leishmania infantum – a dangerous and spreading pathogen. Sand flies can transmit the parasite from an infected animal to your dog. Taking anything from 3 months to several years before being detected, leishmaniosis can cause various symptoms including fever, weight loss… leading to death. Dogs are particularly at risk of this disease which can also affect people. Leishmaniosis is indeed a zoonosis. This makes prevention even more important. 

Three steps to prevent canine visceral leishmaniosis:

1.         Keep your dog indoor at night, prevent flying insects from entering your house and reduce sand fly breeding sites near your home, such as organic matter in composters and bins.

2.         Use a repellent with proven efficacy all year round or during the known sand fly risk season. VECTRA 3D repels sand flies to reduce the disease transmission risk.

3.         Ask your veterinarian for advices. 

Apply DOUBLE DEFENSETM: protect your dog from the outside against external parasites with VECTRA 3D, and from the inside against pathogens with disease preventives.


See the video to learn more about the disease

VECTRA 3D is available in Canada through licensed veterinarians.